Moms are the anchors in their households. When a mom isn't well, everyone suffers. Maternal Mental Health disorders impact 15-20% of pregnant women and women in the postpartum period (year after birth), yet most are never diagnosed and treated. 

By conservative estimates, this means more than 600,000 women in the U.S. suffer each year.  

These experiences can have lasting consequences on a mother and her family including her infant's cognitive and behavioral development, the well being of other children and her relationship stability.

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Who We Are

The National Coalition for Maternal Mental Health unites members from national organizations devoted to addressing maternal mental health. Our goal is to engage stakeholders, advocate for change in policies and practices, and raise awareness. 

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The MayCampaign is the first social media public awareness effort spearheaded by the National Coalition for Maternal Mental Health. During National Women's Health Week, Mother's Day, May 11th - Friday May 16th, the NCMMH will share messages and images through social media designed to increase awareness, and ultimately point out that moms are not being diagnosed and the resources currently available. 

Individuals, you can support the campaign:

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  • Use the hashtag #MomsMatter in any unique messages you share (both on Twitter and Facebook). 
  • Consider making a donation so we can expand our awareness and advocacy efforts.
  • Grab a #MomsMatter ribbon ("twibbon") to display on your social media profile picture throughout May.   

Organizational partners, you can support the campaign:

  • Follow the Individual support recommendations above and:
  • Participate by putting our social media images messages on your website in May and/or writing a blog post, sending an e-newsletter on the topic, and more.  Learn more

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